C.L. Dawes was born to a Professional Singer, his (Mom). Whom sang with K.C.  & The Sunshine Band.. He comes from a family of singers and musicians. His mom raised him and his three brothers alone, In a home that was riddled by Domestic violence from his father. C.L. Dawes was always an artist as a little boy and involved in the arts nurtured by his mother, He admired his mother strength and beauty during her dealings with  Domestic Violence. And her prayers. As his way of dealing with his environment. He created the character "Ecclesiastes". C.L. has always  been into and fascinated,by the world of Superheroes and the Supernatural..!! So much so, that he created the superheroine "Ecclesiastes, And a whole league of supernatural characters surrounding the series. Now as an actor and model.He hopes that his story and the characters origin will help others understand that they don't have to be a product of their environment, But know that there is an alternative. Use the negativity and dismal state of being to fuel something positive and build a better future with the choices they make..!!